A Collaborative Approach to Partnerships

A World of Possibilities

The goal of Innovative Systems Partner Program is simple … to achieve mutual business success with our valued partners by providing the very best data management and risk & compliance products and services.

Our Partner Program is designed to ensure that each of our propositions is the right offer, for the right client, at the right time. The business benefits that our partnerships deliver are proven, repeatable, and easily achievable. As an industry innovator, we continually improve our solutions to keep pace with changing technology, perceptions and business needs. For this reason, the portfolio our partners receive is always evolving.

Innovative Systems is looking to work with partners who understand the difference that highly accurate and reliable data can have on their clients – business growth and risk management efforts – ultimately having significant impact on their own business success.

Our Programs

Customizable & Comprehensive

Technology Partner

Technology Partners provide solutions that complement our Data Management and Risk & Compliance solutions. Together, we offer our clients end-to-end capabilities.

Data Providers

Innovative Systems is a technology provider that integrates with the best data content companies to enhance both of our product offerings. Data Providers can integrate with our software, and together we offer enhanced capabilities.

Lead Referral

The partner provides sales leads in exchange for a referral fee; the fee is based on the level of involvement in the sales process. Innovative Systems manages the deal and provides its state-of-the-art implementation and support services.

Marketing Partner

The Marketing Partner participates in a joint sales and marketing partnership intended to mutually strengthen each company's market awareness and revenue.

Value-Added Reseller

The Value-Added Reseller can offer customers the benefits of Innovative Systems' industrial-strength solutions, while exposing their products or services to Innovative Systems' worldwide client base in a variety of industries.

OEM Partner

OEM Partners provide customers with the benefits of our comprehensive solutions and integrate them into their products or services. Innovative Systems helps our OEM Partners optimize the use of our portfolio to support them in their business growth.

Other partnership options are available on a case-by-case basis.

Why partner with Innovative Systems?

Endless opportunities for your data

Innovative Systems' partners have access to competitive advantages for their data including:

Offerings customized to meet your company's specific needs

Best in class technical experts
Access to highly experienced consultants that can easily and immediately solve any problem

Special wholesale pricing
Pricing adjusted to work for your audience

Easy integration
Easy to implement and integrate into existing offerings

Marketing support
Marketing support or joint co-marketing opportunities, including webinars and success stories

Global reach and support
Years of experience in many countries around the world

Our Partners

Trusted by Innovative Systems

  • Acuant
  • Address Doctor®
  • Avalara
  • Bureau Van Dijk
  • CSC/Hogan® Systems
  • E&Y
  • Experian Data Quality
  • FIS
  • Keesing Technologies
  • ORACLE/Sun Microsystems
  • Trust Alliance

Partner with a leader.

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