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Go beyond traditional master data management (MDM) approaches and find valuable information about extended relationships within your data.

The Challenge

Many traditional models simply link master data to associated components or products. In today's sophisticated marketplace, that leaves valuable information or connections out of the equation.

Our Solution

Synchronos' 360° views go far beyond traditional models. Our rich, enterprise model and associated knowledge-based processes automatically identify extended intuitive and non-intuitive relationships among master data and reveal valuable information about extended relationships.

Use Case Examples

  • In the case of parties, for example, Synchronos identifies all of a customer's products or services, plus all other customers or prospects – business as well as individual – that have a connection to that customer.
  • Adding Innovative System's Influence Value Indicators® enables you to identify the potential strength of the influence between connected parties.
  • In the case of products or things, for example, Synchronos identifies, categorizes and links subcomponents and components, along with their relationships to other components.


  • Identify intuitive and non-intuitive relationships among master data
  • Reveal valuable information about relationships
  • Enrich profiles for different domains (including customers, prospects, suppliers, counterparties, products, locations, etc.)
  • Identify strength of influence between relationships


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