Understand, improve, and monitor your data

Knowing the content and condition of your data from the start, and being able to monitor and track its quality over time, is critical to the success of any master data management (MDM) initiative and is an essential component for minimizing cost, timeframes, and risk.

Synchronos MDM provides business-friendly profiling and robust data discovery functionality that enable your organization to access and analyze 100% of your data set. This allows you to de-risk the MDM implementation by uncovering potential issues early in the process and rapidly streamlines the process of building accurate implementation specifications. This ability to quickly prototype the entire implementation for business user validation – and identify issues early in the process before any code is written – provides the critical information needed to produce an effective implementation plan. This approach also allows your organization's full-volume data set to be confidently loaded for the initial population of the MDM repository, enabling the accurate representation of master data from the start. Just as important, Synchronos MDM allows you to efficiently monitor and improve data quality over time, protecting your investment in MDM over time.

The Challenge

As many as 80% of data projects fail due to factors including going over schedule, over budget or just giving up due to sheer complexity. Oftentimes this is a result of companies starting data projects with an incomplete or incorrect picture of what their data contains. The result – companies facing unexpected delays and setbacks.

Our Solution

The data profiling, discovery and monitoring tool provides companies with many capabilities to avoid inaccurate data and setbacks including:

  • Providing organizations with the ability to comprehensively assess data content, structure, relationships and quality 
  • Discovering complex relationships and dependencies between data records across disparate systems
  • Correcting and reformatting data beyond traditional customer name and address such as email addresses, product-related information, part numbers, phone numbers and other types of information
  • Over 300 built in transformation and validation functions included and over 120 statistics generated on each data value on initial load


Rapid & Scalable 
Rapidly processes data at one million rows per minute with the ability to load and export data to and from a wide variety of flat files or from all common database models

Multi-User Collaboration 
Enables multiple users in separate offices or locations to work on the data at the same time and easily share their findings and comments 

Real-Time Results 
Enables most functions to be performed in real time, with users seeing the results of their actions immediately

Monitor Over Time 
Control your data over time with instant around-the-clock defect monitoring and fault resolution, utilizing a combination of dashboards, alerts and a comprehensive workflow management system

Requires very little technical background or experience to use effectively


Reduce Costs 
Eliminate wasteful spending from erroneous or incomplete data

Build a True View of Customer 
Easily identify unique customers, link customers across different systems and proactively correct inaccurate contact data to make your data fit for purpose

Increase Operational Efficiency 
Streamline business processes by eliminating rework, viewing consolidated data from multiple resources and using accurate data

Reduce Risk Exposure 
Easily uncover and take action on incomplete and inaccurate data that negatively impacts risk exposure models

Meet Regulatory Requirements 
Meet quality requirements such as accurate and complete data that underpins regulatory requirements including KYC, AML and Basel

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