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Enlighten Data Management
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A New Approach to Data Profiling: How Full Data Set Profiling Reduces the Time and Cost of Data Integration
Learn the four critical phases at which poor quality customer data can seriously impact the success of the merger or acquisition – and how an Enterprise Customer Data Quality Management Regime can minimize the risks.
ISI PostLocate®
Our enterprise address validation and geocoding solution for mainframe or open systems ensure address accuracy through CASS certification and geocoding.
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The Top Ten Ways to Use Data Profiling Tools
In this paper, the top ten ways to use data profiling tools are presented.
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Synchronos® Enterprise Customer Platform
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Data Governance Councils and Data Stewards: You Can't Have One without the Other
This white paper provides an overview of data governance councils and data stewards, two entities that must be in place in order for any data governance program to succeed.
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Synchronos® For Business Applications
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Understanding Type 1 and Type 2 Errors
Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of high quality data to the success of critical business initiatives.
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Innovative Systems Corporate Overview
Learn about Innovative's product offerings and why "The Innovative Difference" has made us a leading global provider of data management and AML software and services
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Master Data Management Asking the Right Questions Before Implementation
Because of the wide-ranging implications of MDM, the cost of implementation, and the potential for obstacles along the way, there are many questions that need to be asked and answered before embarking on an MDM implementation.