Recruitment Scams Notice

Recruitment Scams 

We’ve been made aware that people are being contacted with fraudulent offers of employment from individuals claiming to be from Innovative Systems, Inc. or claiming to represent Innovative Systems, Inc. Please note that the Innovative Systems name, logo, and other publicly available information are being used on these fake websites, documents, and communications without our authorization.  

If you have a concern that the individual with whom you are communicating is a scammer, please reach out to us for confirmation using the contact form on our official website, which can be found here:

To protect yourself and your personal information, please consider the following:  

  • Email address: Innovative Systems employees will have an email address with the domain Innovative Systems will not contact you for employment or recruitment purposes from another email domain.  If you have any doubt, please confirm the communications with us via the “Contact” link on our website before providing any personal information:
  • Interview process: Innovative Systems will not make a job offer without performing a formal, multi-phased interview process.  Applications for positions at Innovative Systems require applicants to use the web form on our website’s Careers page.   
  • Website: All current and legitimate career opportunities are available at our website,
  • Fees/Money: Innovative Systems will never ask for money or payment as part of our recruitment process and does not charge application fees.   

Further Resources:

If you think you have provided your personal information to a scammer, please contact the relevant government authority, supervisory authority, or organization in your area for additional resources.