Our Story

Earning trust since 1968

The story of Innovative Systems began in 1968 when the company introduced the first use of complex matching and householding technology for fundraising and national political campaign work.

The lessons learned by these pioneering efforts have since been successfully applied to the retail, commercial, and financial industries to greatly enhance targeted marketing, risk management, and service to their billions of customers today.

From the early days of migrating banks' account-based data to new customer-oriented operational systems ... to optimizing and populating CRM solutions and data warehouses through establishing CDI and MDM frameworks ... to screening customers against government and internal watch lists to identifying illegal activity, Innovative Systems has been there for our clients, helping to advance their enterprise data infrastructure and protecting their investment by continually leveraging and evolving our data quality solutions.

Innovative Systems continues to introduce new ideas and methodologies that become industry "best practices", proving their value in thousands of applications globally.

A Reputation for Results

Delivering Data You Can Trust

Companies come to Innovative Systems for our expertise in delivering data solutions that offer actionable insight  solutions that enable them to quickly identify the hidden opportunities or risks in their data. Since 1968, we have pioneered best-in-class data quality, data management, and risk and compliance solutions for many companies including leading financial institutions around the world.

Why do many organizations continue to rely on Innovative Systems decade after decade? As we do, they understand from experience that accurate, timely, and reliable data is one of the most valuable assets a company can leverage to stay ahead it enables smooth operation and fuels successful growth. They also know that this asset must be continuously nurtured and carefully managed to realize its full potential.

With this goal in mind, Innovative Systems seeks to be a trusted partner for organizations that wish to achieve the highest results using proven solutions that are at the forefront of technology innovation.

The Innovative Difference

Our Cognitive Approach™

Innovative Systems' unique Cognitive Approach™ combines our proprietary software and our proven methodology to understand and process your data as a human brain might  applying knowledge about your specific business needs when handling and making decisions about your data. 

This one-of-a-kind approach to data management results in achieving the most trusted data to work with, and saves you time and resources, while reducing risk.

  • Clients can complete fully-operational enterprise data and risk management implementations in less than one-third the time and at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. 
  • Our technology is well-suited to handle the rigorous demands associated with optimizing customer data in an operational production environment.
  • As a result, our clients are able to rapidly implement more effective marketing, service, and risk management initiatives.

Our Cognitive Approach is based on the following fundamental elements:

Massive Knowledgebases
Our extensive and sophisticated knowledgebases are the key to why we can process your data more accurately and more rapidly than alternative solutions. The knowledgebases incorporate millions of words, phrases, and word patterns. They have been built over the last several decades by processing hundreds of billions of client records and simultaneously capturing the valuable meaning behind the words and phrases. 

Exceptional Linking Technology
The linking methodology used in our Cognitive Approach is significantly different from probabilistic or deterministic approaches. With Innovative Systems' approach, our customers can assign a business rule for each specific type of match based on their unique business requirements as opposed to a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. The outcome: higher accuracy due to more precise control of the matching criteria.

Intelligent Workflow Systems 
Our intelligent workflow systems help dramatically speed up the resolution of any records that have been identified for exception review. These systems are an integral component in minimizing time and cost and maximizing accuracy in any data management, data quality, data governance, or risk management initiative.  For these types of initiatives, the volume of review is often underestimated and if not handled correctly, can dramatically extend the time and cost of the implementation, as well as ongoing review and maintenance.

Maximum Levels of Accuracy & Speed
With our Cognitive Approach, our clients are able to achieve a higher level of information quality in a shorter time period compared to alternative approaches.  

For instance, a master data management implementation can be completed in less than four months achieving 99.5% accuracy this assumes a full-volume, production-ready, operational customer master data management system involving tens of millions of customer accounts from millions of source records. Other approaches are unable to deliver the same level of accuracy in such a short amount of time. 

Achieving this level of accuracy also has a tremendous impact on an organization's risk management efforts. Having the ability to accurately link records helps you detect and preempt risks before it's too late. Additionally, you can minimize resources required for manual intervention and ultimately keep your organization safer.

Highly Scalable & Reliable
Our software can easily scale from processing thousands of records to hundreds of millions while still meeting your required processing window and without impeding normal business operations.  

Leverage Existing Resources
Our Cognitive Approach is flexible in that it allows organizations to leverage their existing investments in technology and processes while minimizing cost and time to value. 

Industry Firsts

Our name says it all.

Innovative Systems continually introduces new ideas, setting the bar high in the data quality industry.  Our customers look to us to provide the best solutions to meet their unique needs. We have introduced many new innovations to our industry including:

  • First cognitive cleansing and matching software that learns from processing data
  • First data verification software
  • First data cleansing software using a data dictionary
  • First online cleansing, matching and householding for the mainframe
  • First data quality knowledgebase
  • First auto-generated daily enterprise customer database from disparate application systems
  • First "super householding" solution
  • First customer relationship management system using "social networking"
  • First open-systems online data quality search engine that households, matches and super-households
  • First "influence value" database
  • First in "super matching" to define non-intuitive, PurposeView customer relationships
  • First fully-integrated solution for data profiling and customer data management

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