Multi-Brand Hospitality Company Enhances Guest Experience and Increases Brand Loyalty

Challenge: Know Individual Guests’ Preferences for More Personalized Service

To offer its clientele a more streamlined and personalized experience, a leading Latin American hospitality company wanted to create a single repository of guest information for its more than 100 properties. However, each of the company’s brands was managing its guest data differently, using a variety of stand-alone systems. The sheer volume of customer data collected among those systems – in at least three different languages – made it nearly impossible to have an accurate picture of each guest’s visit history, including where they had stayed and which amenities were most preferred. In addition, poor data quality in the reservation system made it difficult to properly identify incoming calls, thereby increasing costs and alienating loyal customers.

Solution: Build 360° Customer Profiles

The company partnered with Innovative Systems to build the data model that served as the basis of its customer recognition system. Using the Innovative’s data quality suite, the team cleansed and validated all of their existing contact data, including telephone numbers and email addresses. They then consolidated the best information from duplicate records to create accurate, up-to-date 360° profiles of each customer, including information such as individual preferences and purchase history.

Result: Increased Customer Loyalty and Revenue

Now armed with more accurate customer information that is seamlessly integrated into other existing applications, the hospitality company can more efficiently respond to all customer inquiries and needs across its various properties. And when guests call the reservation center, hotel staff are able to retrieve their information in real time, including their full history, profile and preferences. In the system’s first year of operation, customer recognition increased enterprise-wide – by as much as 70% at some locations. As a result, the company is able to provide more personalized service to its guests, including its high-value customers, leading to an increase in occupancy rates and loyalty program memberships.