Latin American Contact Center Deploys Innovative Systems’ Solution for More Precisely Targeted Services

Challenge: Multiple Databases Prevented 360° Customer View

A large Latin American contact center company utilized an extensive internal resource of contact data for its clients’ inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. The data originated from 17 different databases, including those from financial institutions, telephone companies, and government agencies. But because much of the data was not always accurate or up-to-date, it was difficult for the company to implement effective targeted marketing campaigns on behalf of its clients, which included several Fortune 500 companies.

Solution: Consolidate and Enrich Data into a Single Repository

Using Innovative’s Synchronos® for Call Center platform – which includes Innovative’s powerful data quality technology – the contact center cleansed and de-duplicated its 17 source databases. 38 million addresses and 41 million telephone numbers in inconsistent formats were reformatted and enriched with demographic, geographic, and socio-economic data to create true 360° profiles. As new lists are added to the repository, they are entered using the same business rules as the initial load. The system checks all incoming records to see if they already exist in the database to identify people who have already been contacted for a campaign, as well as to avoid duplicate entries. And as results from each campaign become available, the information gathered is added to the profiles, providing further enrichment and creating a campaign history of that individual.

Result: Optimized Call Center Productivity and Improved Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Thanks to the new data repository, the company has dramatically improved its operations, campaign efficiency, and time to market. They can now analyze the data with greater precision, enabling vastly improved customer segmentation, targeting, and cross-selling programs. Contact center operator productivity and efficiency have increased to a new level because the data is now richer, more complete, and accurate. Closing rates on many outbound campaigns have nearly doubled.

All of this has helped the company’s clients improve their campaign productivity, increase sales, and generate new business.