Large Latin American Bank Achieves Digital Modernization Through Migration to a New Core Banking System

Challenge: Numerous Legacy Platforms Impeded Digital Banking Initiative

A Top 10 Mexican bank was embarking on a new digital banking initiative to modernize and combine their legacy platforms for their banking system software into a new, single, core banking system. To achieve success, they needed a data migration tool that could transform and move all of their data into this system.

Moreover, the migration was further complicated by the fact that all of the 400 branches impacted were open until 3 p.m. on Saturday and needed to be able to read from the new system by the opening of business the following Monday morning.

Solution: Analyze, Profile, and Transform Data from 70+ Disparate Systems for Migration to Single Core Banking System

Innovative Systems used its Enlighten® Analyzer tool to analyze and profile the full data set of the most complex disparate native data (15 source systems, 400 tables, 2 billion records) prior to the migration. This process identified data quality issues, such as inconsistent date formats, so that proper specifications could be in place for the migration day. Further, Innovative’s transformation engine allowed the execution of the data migration (300 million source records into 185 million target records) to run parallel as opposed to a phased migration, which cut the bank’s required four hour migration timeframe to just two hours.

Result: Accurate Transformation/Migration of 185 Million Records within 2 Hours

Working with Innovative, the bank was able to decrease risk while achieving success in a very small migration window. On Monday morning, all branches were open and running smoothly on the new system.

This migration project helped the bank realize their digital vision to improve the customer experience, increase digital adoption, grow digital retail sales, and reduce in-branch transactions.