International Commercial Investment Firm Improves Customer Service by Enabling Synchronized CRM across the Enterprise

Challenge: Ensure the Most Accurate and Updated Customer Information across the Organization

One of the world’s leading commercial investment firms wanted to ensure that its sales teams worldwide had access to the most current and accurate customer data. This was not always possible given that the data was being captured in multiple databases by the sales groups, and those databases were not integrated with the firm’s multi-million entry enterprise customer system. The firm hoped that by implementing a single customer relationship management (CRM) system, it could improve customer service, especially for its high value customers, and reduce operational costs.

Solution: Convert Legacy Sales Databases to and Synchronize with Enterprise Customer System

Innovative consultants worked on the data migration effort with the firm’s technology team to convert several, on-premise legacy sales databases to First, the name and address data in the various sales databases was cleansed and standardized using the Enlighten® data quality suite. The data was then processed through Enlighten Company Match software to remove duplicate records.

Additionally, a mechanism was put in place that bi-directionally synchronizes data between the cloud-based database and the enterprise customer system on a weekly basis, ensuring that all of the firm’s important customer information is always kept up-to-date and accurate, no matter where it is entered.

Result: Highly Accurate, Reliable Customer Data across the Firm, Enabling Better Customer Service and Targeting of High Value Customers

Using its new and improved system, the firm can now rely on the accuracy of its customer data. This has improved operational efficiencies and allowed the entire organization to better serve and cater to its customers via enhanced service, targeted marketing campaigns, and cross-selling initiatives.

Because the project proved to be such a success, the firm has since engaged Innovative to oversee a similar data migration project in another of its divisions.