Get a Single View of Your Data in Just 30 Days

This webinar is best for:

  • Business decision makers
  • Technology professionals

In this data-driven world, the important link between data and analytics cannot be overlooked. Most organizations’ data is growing at a rate of 40% to 60% per year, and because analysts need to spend a majority of their time on data preparation, little time is left for analysis.

Traditional approaches to data management for analytics often lead to wasted time and inconsistent, inaccurate data and conclusions. Often, analytics fail because of poor quality data, and the associated consequences can be significant. However, research and trends point to a new and better approach.

Things you will learn:

  • Why traditional techniques for preparing data for analytics are often inadequate
  • A new, alternative method for rapidly improving quality and producing integrated data for better analytics
  • An illustration of Innovative’s approach to implementing this method through a case study

Featured speakers:

Michael Ott

SVP at Innovative Systems