Top 7 Reasons You Need CLEAR® on the FinScan® Platform

FinScan is a leading provider of sanctions and PEP compliance solutions. We have now integrated Thomson Reuters CLEAR®, a leader in investigations and public records, into our platform to offer a seamless, efficient workflow for your screening and enhanced due diligence.


1 All-in-one platform

CLEAR on the FinScan platform eliminates the need to use multiple systems for your sanctions PEP screening and enhanced due diligence.

2 Review Fewer False Positives

FinScan offers exceptional accuracy in screening to drastically reduce false positives without increasing the risk of missing the true hits.

3 Streamline Your Investigation

You can review all your hits and remediate them rapidly by accessing key proprietary and public records data right from CLEAR in FinScan’s intuitive interface with a click of a button.

4 Powerful In-depth Investigative Content

Get a holistic picture of your subject in one search and know where information came from, complete with underlying sources and time stamp information.

5 Get Only the Data You Need for Your EDD

CLEAR’s Quick Analysis Flags and customizability allow you to focus on the data you need to rapidly investigate your subject.

6 Save Time on Documentation

FinScan automatically creates your enhanced due diligence reports and audit trail with a click of a button and saves them as part of each client profile for future search and retrieval.

7 Achieve Consistent Firm-wide Compliance and be Regulator-Ready

CLEAR on the FinScan platform enables everyone to follow a consistent process. It makes it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing with easy documentation & audit trails.

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