Monitor. Detect. Prevent.

FinScan offers real-time screening of transactions so you can detect risks involving sanctioned or high-risk parties. With transaction screening, you can identify and extract all relevant pieces of information from transaction messages and screen that information against watch lists such as sanctions, PEPs, or any internal black lists.

The Challenge

Identifying suspect transactions efficiently and accurately can be challenging. Important information embedded within messages must be identified, extracted, and screened to stop any illicit activity before it’s too late.

Our Solution

With FinScan Transaction Screening, payments are held until the message is cleared. Relevant information, including names, origin, and destination countries, are extracted and screened.


  • All information about a message is in one place, making it easy to show auditors all exceptions generated and remediation action taken

  • Solution is externally manageable, redundant, and failover safe

  • Includes a dedicated review tool with the best technology from our name screening tool

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