Customize. Focus. Detect.

Detect and stop high-risk transactions in real time.

The Challenge

High volumes of alerts are a big headache for BSA/AML departments around the world, making it a challenge to focus on the true high-risk cases. The time required to clear alerts also puts your whole organization at risk by delaying compliance with regulations in a timely manner.

Our Solution

FinScan offers you the capability to customize your criteria so that you can focus on the high value alerts that are meaningful to your business situation.


  • Customize monitoring rules based on your risk categories across your client base

  • Create customizable rules based on the time period, threshold amount, and transaction type

  • Prioritize alerts based on rules so you can focus on high-risk cases and your exception review efforts

  • Seamlessly manage and review all screening and monitoring exceptions in one place

  • Assign a risk priority to the rules themselves to optimize case management focus

  • Solution is externally manageable, redundant, and fault tolerant

  • Optional settings can send external alerts to the compliance officer

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