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Immediate response to stay competitive

Perform instant compliance checks right from your CRM system.

The Challenge

Front office or field sales representatives find it critical to have access to immediate results of compliance checks to stay competitive. They cannot afford to wait a day or even a few hours for the compliance department to clear a prospect so they can proceed with their business activities.

Our Solution

FinScan integrates with internal CRM systems such as Salesforce to enable timely and safe onboarding of a prospect or customer. Decisions can be made in minutes since FinScan can return an immediate response upon compliance screening.

How it works:

  • Sanctions screening of a prospect is performed from the CRM system via a web services call to FinScan.

  • If FinScan returns 'Pass' status, or the prospect is cleared, the prospect is automatically progressed and added to your "safe list".

  • If FinScan returns 'Fail' or 'Pending' status, the prospect is put on hold pending speedy off-line review by your compliance department.

  • The record can proceed to an overnight batch process with additional information provided to Compliance to allow them to make a final determination. This result is then updated in the CRM application.

  • This efficient process enables business as usual, so Sales does not have to create "work arounds".
How FinScan integrates with CRM systems

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