Scan. Screen. Onboard.

Detect fraudulent IDs and screen against any watch lists instantly.

The Challenge

Today's fake IDs are very convincing. Detecting a fraudulent ID can be nearly impossible without the advanced capabilities of FinScan ID Validation.

Our Solution

FinScan's ID Validation capability can streamline and expedite your customer onboarding process, making it safer and more efficient.

Our unique high-resolution scanning capabilities, paired with the most comprehensive fraud detection software available, can spot the telltale signs of a counterfeit ID that are invisible to the naked eye. Whether you operate a money service business, betting or gaming properties, or retail financial branches, FinScan's ID Validation can verify the IDs of your customers or guests. It then immediately screens the extracted information in real-time against any black lists, internal lists or government sanctions lists.

How it works

How it works



  • Removes errors resulting from manual entry of customer or guest data to prevent incorrect customer information in your database

  • Accurately classifies and extracts data from the ID and uploads it to FinScan

  • Accurately verifies your customers' identification documents and prevents fraudulent IDs from getting past your front office or compliance department during the onboarding process

  • Increases internal efficiency and reduces operating costs with expedited onboarding process

  • Helps you stay ahead of your competition with more streamlined operations and increased customer satisfaction

  • Minimizes your exposure to risk with instant screening of the IDs against any watch lists or black lists

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