Quickly build and leverage meaningful master data

Synchronos incorporates a robust enterprise model based on master data management (MDM) best practices to rapidly enable a full-production MDM implementation that incorporates all of the data from all of your sources.

The Challenge

Getting a real look at an enterprise's data is difficult and often doesn't provide the information needed.

Our Solution

The Synchronos Enterprise Platform goes far beyond a single view to provide flexible, comprehensive 360° views. The platform not only coordinates the information from all contact points across an organization, but enables each department and function to define master data in the way that best meets business needs on a department-by-department basis using PurposeView™.


Coordinates and Shares Core Master Data
Synchronos feeds – and is fed by – all of an organization's various applications and functions. It enables a shared enterprise view without requiring individual applications to adapt their own data definitions and rules.

Identifies Extended Relationships
For party data, for example, Synchronos' 360° customer, supplier or other party profiles go far beyond traditional individual or business householding models. Our approach and enterprise model automatically reveal and allow your organization to leverage valuable information about a party's extended relationships.

Sophisticated Ranking Methodology Powers Linking Accuracy
Synchronos' unique ability to identify networks of connections among master data elements is based on Innovative System's "intelligent" matching methodology, which has been proven by clients to be much more precise, accurate and reliable than probabilistic, deterministic and other matching/linking approaches. Our methodology finds duplicates other methodologies miss and reveals incorrectly-matched duplicates to be unique records.

Open Architecture Offers Maximum Flexibility
Our integration framework's open architecture is fully scalable and provides near total flexibility and adaptability, enabling you to leverage your investments in existing applications and providing insurance against system obsolescence.

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