Minimize errors, inefficiencies and maintain compliance

Reference Data Management is more than just a specialized subset of MDM. It's a critical component to any MDM effort.

The Challenge

Reference data management (RDM) can be thought of as a specialized subset of master data management (MDM). If your reference information isn't accurate and complete, it can significantly undermine your MDM efforts since RDM is a critical component of any MDM effort.

Our Solution

Some organizations believe they need to first establish a reference data management program prior to undertaking master data management. Consistent with Innovative's philosophy of providing the most rapid, cost-effective and accurate solutions for MDM, our approach incorporates RDM as part of the MDM platform and approach so that a separate effort is not required.


  • Accurate, standardized reference data

  • Assurance of consistent master information

  • Minimized errors and inefficiencies

  • Compliance across the entire organization


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