Establish a 360° view of your data now

Instant 360 View enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate, store, maintain and leverage a single view of your data.

The Challenge

You need a holistic single view of information across multiple sources of data, and need this to be accomplished quickly and efficiently. This could be data in any domain, but is typically needed for a single view of customers, clients, patients, providers, citizens, households, vendors, employees, and/or locations.

Our Solution

The Instant 360° View solution gives you an accurate, integrated view of all your data, rapidly and cost-effectively, for business initiatives such as:

  • Single View
  • Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Risk & Compliance (GDPR, Solvency, Basel, NYS DFS 504, etc.)
  • Sales Data Synchronization
  • ERP Consolidation


  • Better leverage party data to attract, retain, and cross-sell customers

  • More effectively manage relationships with customers, suppliers and other parties

  • Strengthen customer experience, business intelligence, analytics and digitization efforts

  • More effectively support risk management and compliance efforts with far less personnel time

  • Guarantee peace of mind with maximum accuracy and operational efficiency

  • Our track record of success promises you a fast and successful implementation so that you’re ready for business use within weeks

Key features include:

Extended Relationship Networks – Our solution automatically captures and maintains hidden extended relationship information in your data for more effective relationship management, analytics, and risk management.

Data Repository – Store and maintain a complete, consistent and searchable collection of integrated data. Data will remain synchronized with other applications across the enterprise with no need for an MDM solution.

Enterprise Model – Instant 360 incorporates a robust enterprise model based on data management best practices to enable accurate, integrated views that incorporate all of the data from all of your sources.

Flexible deployment methods – Our industrial-strength solution is available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

Dashboards and Reporting – Instant 360 features dashboards and other reporting functionality that enable organizations to quickly and intuitively view, understand, and report on critical information.

Web Services/API Integration – In addition to providing intuitive screens to allow user access, Instant 360 enables quick, easy integration with other systems via web services to ensure accurate, integrated views of information across the enterprise.

Role-based Security – Instant 360 provides a robust security framework that controls access across environments, data domains, tables, fields, etc. to ensure that only intended users have access to their information.

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