Seamlessly combine your data

Data Integration provides our customers with a unified view of data collected from multiple resources.

The Challenge

As the world becomes global, more and more organizations are merging or acquiring other companies. When this happens, all data must be transferred to the acquirer’s databases, and it must adhere to acquirer’s standards. These mergers are typically high-visibility projects with tight deadlines and no room for errors. The customer data and its related accounts or products are especially sensitive.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems is your trusted and experienced partner to lead data integration. Our integration process has been proven in many data integration engagements.

  1. Data Profiling
    Systematically scan and analyze all content and identify errors to understand your data in very fine detail.

  2. Data Standardization
    Standardizing the data will ensure it is consistent, accurate, and can interact reliably across all databases.

  3. Reviewing Anomalies
    Identify records with anomalies, then review and format them to drastically reduce post-integration errors.

  4. Data Linking
    Identify customers that exist in both databases and flag them to merge.

  5. Mock Integration
    Run a mock integration to identify and adjust for any issues prior to the live run.

  6. Integration
    Merge data from different sources, and store it in your existing system or a new system.

  7. Post-merge Cleanup
    Detect any errors in the merged data and correct them. This step should be minimal if previous steps are done correctly.


  • Our team guides you through the entire process, from initial consultation to software setup, tuning, and execution, all the way to post-implementation support.

  • Our team is on-site when needed and especially when the integration takes place.

  • Our track record of success promises you a fast and successful implementation within weeks.

  • Our effective pre-merge cleansing and review methodology drastically reduces errors and mitigates the risk of delays and going over budget.

  • Our tools can easily combine data from very different sources, including mainframes, databases, and flat files.

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