Digital Globalization Trends Call for Advancements in Data Quality Solutions

The continuing growth of cross-border data flows prompts Innovative Systems’ next generation data quality suite

PITTSBURGH, February 1, 2018 – Innovative Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in the development and delivery of high-performance enterprise data management and risk management solutions is addressing the next phase of globalization with the latest release of its Enlighten data quality suite.

According to the report, Digital globalization: The new era of global flows from McKinsey Global Institute, cross-border data flows have grown by a factor of 45 over the past decade, and they’re projected to post another nine fold increase by 2020. The new Enlighten release is designed especially to parse and match global names in any language, and is tailored for global companies that struggle with managing data in various languages and from various regions and origins. Enlighten offers:

  • unrivaled accuracy and processing speed
  • sophisticated installations in under 30 days through built-in grammars and dictionaries
  • a completely redesigned and integrated business-friendly user interface
  • more self-service tools that are accessible anytime, from anywhere
  • the ability to monitor data over time to spot trends, manage budgets, and more

“Our Global 2000 customers’ battle for market share increasingly boils down to the efficacy of their data,” said Brandon Ekberg, senior vice president of global operations at Innovative Systems. “Our customers rely on the accuracy, speed, and scalability of our Enlighten data quality suite to achieve the high level of business results they require to remain competitive.”

Círculo de Crédito, the largest credit bureau in Mexico, uses the advanced capabilities in the latest version of Enlighten to integrate their hundreds of millions of customer records from diverse data sources and industries. “If the data is incorrect, we lose business,” said Juan Manuel Ruiz Palmieri, executive director of Círculo de Crédito. “Innovative’s Enlighten solution can handle the massive amounts of disparate data we process daily. We have found it invaluable to helping us achieve our data quality and integration needs.”

About Innovative Systems, Inc.
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Karin O’Sullivan

Vice President, Marketing Communications