DGIQ 2023

Let’s solve your data quality challenges together

Welcome to San Diego and DGIQ, your ideal opportunity to learn how Enlighten Data Quality can create stronger customer relationships, optimize your operations, and support better decision making.

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Join Innovative Systems’ Michael Ott for:
5 reasons your data quality project will fail (and how to overcome them)

Wednesday June 7th,  10:45 am

You’ll learn the factors that derail data quality initiatives and the steps you can take to ensure clean, accurate, and complete data for your organization. 

A complete data quality suite

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Uncover relationships and discrepancies.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Clean your data with precision.

Check out Enlighten Cleanse

Data matching

Identify and remove duplicates in your applications. Establish links between individuals and organizations.

Check out Enlighten Match

Data transformation

Map and convert your data with ease for your migration and integration projects.

See Enlighten Transform

Address validation & geocoding

Validate and standardize addresses. Assign rooftop-level latitude and longitude.

Discover PostLocate

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