A CRM system is only as good as the data you put in it.

The Challenge

Duplicate names and incorrect addresses undermine the data quality of your CRM system. This leads to dissatisfied customers and undeliverable communications, and has an overall impact on your sales and marketing efforts. It affects your ability to derive meaningful analytics and insights from your data and jeopardizes important business decisions. Additionally, organizations must now be able to confidently know who the customers are in their CRM system to make sure that they are not doing business with sanctioned individuals or entities.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems' solutions help organizations improve customer data quality and meet compliance demands in CRM and ERP systems by:

  • Cleansing data at the point of entry

  • Cleansing existing data within your database on an ongoing basis

  • Minimizing duplicate records by accurately linking them, despite name and address variations and the use of aliases and nicknames

  • Validating and standardizing postal addresses from over 200 countries

  • Validating and standardizing US addresses via CASS-certified software

  • Screening clients against sanctions, PEPs, and Do-Not-Call lists

  • Automatically generating audit trails required for due diligence


Innovative's solution for CRM:

  • Reduces costs by eliminating duplicates, validating contact information, and enabling more targeted marketing campaigns

  • Improves marketing analytics with reliable, deduplicated, and accurate base information

  • Improves customer service by enabling your customer relations department to deliver accurate service and communications

  • Improves strategic planning and business decisions

  • Enables you to qualify for USPS mailing discounts by validating addresses using our CASS-certified PostLocate tool

  • Provides verified contact information right from the start

  • Prevents data decay over time with periodic cleansing

  • Protects your organization against fines and other penalties by meeting regulatory risk and compliance demands

Improve data quality & meet compliance demands.

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