Efficiently and effectively support your business processes

Synchronos' workflow management allows organizations to easily construct and modify their workflows, helping to improve productivity and accuracy and reduce risk.

The Challenge

Organizations need to do more than just capture and maintain accurate master data management (MDM) information. To successfully make use of their data, organizations have to be able to interact with and use their information efficiently and effectively.

Our Solution

Innovative System's workflow management capabilities allow business or IT users to easily construct and modify workflows using an intuitive, graphical drag-and-drop interface. Different parameters and thresholds can be set by choosing from drop-down selections and workflow paths can be easily updated as business processes change. Back-end capabilities allow the workflow to interact with screens, tables and other components.


  • Efficiently and effectively interact with enterprise data

  • Easily enable automation and compliance

  • Maximize your organization's use of your master data and other enterprise information

  • Quickly update support for your business processes as they change over time


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