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Comply with new regulations regarding the true owners and stakeholders of your entity customer in an efficient, automated way with FinScan’s end-to-end UBO solution.

Regulatory Deadlines:
4th EU AML Directive: June 26, 2017
FinCEN's CDD Final Rule: May 11, 2018

The Challenge

Multiple regulatory bodies at the national and international levels have issued new rules requiring financial institutions to identify and verify beneficial owners of their entity customers prior to and while doing business with them. Currently, many organizations depend on self-reporting from customers or conduct resource-intensive, manual customer due diligence (CDD) in order to understand the ownership structure of private businesses.

Our Solution

FinScan enables a streamlined onboarding process that minimizes manual effort and reduces risk to provide greater customer satisfaction. Our complete beneficial owner due diligence solution includes the global UBO database, instant identification and verification capabilities, and automated sanctions and PEP screening of the owners and directors of an entity.

How it works

How it works



  • FinScan’s UBO tool allows users to systematically look up the ownership structure of a business and apply enhanced due diligence (EDD) based on an independent source of data.

  • Our tool will streamline the onboarding of new customers and vendors by automatically identifying ultimate beneficial owners and screening them against watchlists.

  • Financial institutions will know exactly who they are dealing with and avoid accidental involvement with money laundering, terrorist financing, or other proceeds of crimes.

  • Users can drill down through multiple layers of ownership and across international borders.

  • Users can re-screen entities based on risk profile to periodically check for ownership changes.

  • FinScan provides an audit trail to help users track outcomes and prepare for scrutiny from regulators.

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