Easily integrate with any internal systems for seamless and rapid screening.

FinScan can integrate seamlessly with your existing internal processes and systems with minimal disruption to your IT department. You can enable efficient and safe customer onboarding from all entry points and protect your organization on all fronts with real-time screening.


  • Make your operations safer and prevent risk from entering your organization by integrating FinScan's screening capabilities into your internal processes, including in-house systems or 3rd party systems that you are utilizing

  • Make your operations even more efficient by integrating FinScan with your front office – such as customer onboarding – as well as payment processing for real-time screening

  • FinScan's advanced and efficient web service technology allows for easy API integration and deployment while minimizing impact on your IT resources

  • You can enjoy the same high performance and advanced functionalities of FinScan through web service

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