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Stay up to date with any watch lists and improve matching accuracy with our List Management Services.

The Challenge

Regardless of the watch lists you choose to screen against, there are three critical factors that can increase your risk of non-compliance:

  1. Varied and ad hoc list update schedules leading to outdated data

  2. Poor quality watch list data that inhibits matching accuracy

  3. Alias, multiple, and "hidden" names within sanctions list records that are not identified by the screening solution

Our Solution

FinScan List Management service is a unique watch list cleansing and updating service that addresses these risks directly. This service carefully prepares any U.S. and international sanctions lists, all leading 3rd party high-risk databases, and any internal "do not do business" lists.


  • Continually monitors the compliance lists for adds or changes, then incorporates the updates, and notifies you when they are ready for use

  • Cleanses, parses, and reformats the list data to enhance matching accuracy and minimize false positives

  • Identifies aliases, nicknames, and multiple names hidden within sanctions records and includes them in the screening process for higher matching accuracy

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