Update, change, and dedupe data in real time

Enlighten Real-Time Data Quality reveals data errors and prevents duplicate files.

The Challenge

Today's data driven world is fast-paced, with customer transaction information entered in real time at a variety of portals every day. Businesses are faced with the challenge of making sure their customer records are completely up-to-date and accurate as they are entered.

Our Solution

Enlighten Real-Time Data Quality finds and updates customers’ information within a database in real time. It reveals potential data-entry errors, prevents duplicate customer files at the point of entry, and immediately identifies customers in the same households.


Enlighten Real-Time finds and updates customers' information within a database in real-time

  • The tool can be integrated into any front-end data entry application. to provide clean, accurate, up-to-date customer information in real time

  • It is an exceptionally fast and accurate tool that operates in sub-seconds

  • Users have complete control over how the system identifies records to be compared, by customizing the matching parameters to your business needs

  • The incremental mode permits you to automate overnight updating of your daily additions and changes, eliminating the need for manual data entry


  • Helps ensure accurate, up-to-date customer data in real-time by revealing potential data entry errors, preventing duplicate customer files at the point of entry, and identifying customers in the same households in real-time

  • Supports prompt, knowledgeable customer service

  • Maintains a single customer profile regardless of how many times a record is updated

  • Saves time and money on overnight updating by eliminating the need for manual data entry

  • Enhances records with supplemental data

  • Identifies relationships between corporate and retail customers to enhance commercial client management and marketing

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