Transfer data between systems with peace-of-mind

Execute data migration projects on time and on budget using our advanced methodology and software.

The Challenge

Data migration involves companies migrating data from old systems to new ones. The architecture, layouts, and data formats are typically very different from one system to the other. It requires huge effort and expertise to convert data and ensure it fits the new systems.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems offers a track record of successfully executing thousands of complex migration projects throughout the world, including for some of the largest banks.

Our team uses two sophisticated data quality solutions to execute the process smoothly:

  • Enlighten Analyzer - to assess the state of the data at the beginning and at any given time throughout the process.

  • Enlighten Transform - a powerful and extremely fast tool that transforms data from one kind to another.

Lastly, our vast expertise enables us to execute precisely and on time, giving you peace-of-mind in these high visibility projects. Our reputable team of consultants will guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to software setup, tuning and execution, all the way to post-migration support.


  • Proven, reliable process to perform the migration within the estimated time and resources.

  • Highly-experienced team to guide you -- on-site when needed.

  • Reliable technology to avoid risks during release day.

  • Proven methodology for fast and effective implementation.

  • Fast execution during release day.

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