Identify relationships and eliminate duplicate data

Data Match identifies duplicate records and establishes links between individuals and/or organizations.

The Challenge

Duplicate records within your database undermine the success of virtually every customer-related function your organization performs from customer service to credit management to strategic planning.

Our Solution

Enlighten Match offers fast linking and de-duplication functionality with unparalleled accuracy.

  • Enlighten Individual Match identifies and categorizes all duplicate individual names.

  • Enlighten Company Match specifically designed to identify and standardize duplicate corporate records, which are frequently more complex due to multiple names, acronyms, and supplementary address information. Company Match can also create a network of companies based on name, address, or any other user-defined fields.



  • Strengthens planning and decision making by providing a more realistic view of your customer base

  • Helps you more accurately determine the value of a customer's overall relationship and informs better pricing and cross-selling strategies

  • Reduces the costs associated with redundant mailings and other communications

  • Increases efficiency and return on marketing investments

  • Decreases time spent manually deduping records to achieve better operational efficiency

Our Matching Methodology

Innovative Systems' unique matching process is ten times more accurate than that of other systems, increasing your efficiency and saving you time and money.

Step 1: Name and address information is parsed and standardized against our knowledgebases to make sure all data is properly identified and in the correct fields, such as first name, last name, suffix, street name, etc.

Step 2: Exclusive ranking methodology compares two potential duplicates field-by-field, and records are then accurately matched despite anomalies including misspellings, transpositions, missing information, nicknames, acronyms, and initials.

Step 3: Any flagged records can quickly be reviewed using our intuitive Match Review Module.

Step 4: If desired, our Intelligent Combine offering automatically collapses the duplicates into a surviving record that retains the best information from the records.

Match Review Module

The Match Review Module provides an efficient way for users to review suspect duplicates and intelligently merge them to maintain the integrity of the data. Data is displayed in a user- friendly way that allows for a determination of the match to be made in just seconds, making it an effective tool for reducing the time and effort necessary to construct an accurate view of your customer base.

Enlighten Household

The Challenge

Organizations benefit by having a holistic view of their customers aggregated by household. This enables them to obtain valuable metrics about the household, including profitability, average number of customers or products per household, household penetration by territory, and product penetration and mix per household.

Our Solution

Enlighten Household is a valuable customer relationship identification tool that enables you to classify customer-to-customer relationships based on their address, telephone number, tax identifiers, or any other information available. Our solution creates a "Household Key" to track changes over time, even if the group changes addresses or various members leave or join the group.


  • Enhances online client service

  • Strengthens target marketing and cross-sell initiatives

  • Supports operational enhancements such as consolidated statements

  • Reduces the expense and waste related to duplicate mailings

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