Improve the clarity and accuracy of your data

Data Cleanse identifies, parses, and standardizes all the components of your data to achieve improved accuracy.

The Challenge

Organizations collect, store, and maintain customer information in many different files, systems, and databases. This data is continuously transferred and touched again and again by humans and machines. The result – a mishmash of redundant, non-standardized, incorrect, and incomplete versions of information spread throughout the organization.

Our Solution

Enlighten Data Cleanse software quickly and accurately turns account information from various sources into standardized and scrubbed files. Using our multi-million word knowledgebases, it parses free-form data into distinct fields and identifies it as male or female, first or last name, individual or organization name, street name, postal code, etc.

With accuracy ten times higher than that of our competitors, the number of records requiring review is drastically reduced, and any flagged records can quickly be reviewed using our intuitive Cleanse Review Module.


  • Significantly reduced time, effort, and expense of populating a customer-centric database

  • More effective cross-selling and up-selling with cleansed and standardized data

  • Improved customer relationships and customer loyalty

  • Better customer service, e.g., no spelling mistakes or wrong gender on marketing communications

  • Streamlined customer onboarding

  • Peace of mind with data accuracy levels above 99%

  • Accurate reporting to meet regulatory compliance requirements

Our Knowledgebases

Our exclusive and adaptive knowledgebases allow our Data Cleanse tool to provide unrivaled data cleansing and data standardization precision with language- and country-specific versions.

These knowledgebases were built over five decades of experience and through capturing data from billions of records processed in thousands of data quality engagements worldwide. They are comprehensive, propriety dictionaries that contain meanings and contexts of millions of names and words and thousands of phrases and word patterns. This deep understanding of data context drastically minimizes errors and saves you time and money by providing more accurate results from the start.

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