Innovative Systems’ Partner Program provides a platform for companies to develop best-in-class collaborative data management and/or risk and compliance offerings that increase the overall value proposition for our collective customers.

Innovative’s network of industry-leading partners and their clients have benefited from our wealth of experience in delivering solutions directly and through partners for more than five decades. Our mission has always been to provide the best business results possible to our clients for their data management and risk management initiatives.

If your organization is looking for a partner that can help you quickly deliver exceptional results for your clients, look no further than Innovative Systems.

Why partner with Innovative Systems?

Technology your clients can rely on for the highest quality data and best compliance screening solutions

Offerings customized/tailored to meet your company's specific needs

Easy to implement and integrate into existing offerings

Marketing programs and tools for demand generation including webinars, collateral, press releases and other activities

Years of experience with delivering best-in-class on-premise and cloud solutions globally

Partner Programs

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OEM Partners

OEM Partners provide customers with the benefits of our comprehensive solutions and integrate them into their products or services. Innovative Systems helps our OEM partners optimize the use of our portfolio to support them in their business growth.

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Resellers, Referral and Co-seller Partners

Reseller partners can offer customers the benefits of Innovative Systems' industrial-strength solutions. Innovative systems offers programs for resellers, referral and co-seller partners.

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System Integrators

System Integration partners utilize Innovative Systems software and services for a more comprehensive engagement with their clients to deliver more robust technology solutions in data management and risk and compliance domains. The program also provides commercial benefits for partners who support the sales of Innovative products and services. 

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Content Partners

Innovative Systems is a technology provider that integrates with the best data content companies to enhance both of our product offerings. Data Providers can integrate with our software, and together we offer enhanced capabilities.

Our Partners

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