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Data driven outcomes for vertical markets.

Innovative Systems’ position in the data quality marketplace is unmatched because of our specialized experience and our unique product architecture. Originally designed to meet the critical business requirements of financial services institutions and to accommodate their demand for accuracy, our data quality solutions have become the standard for leading organizations worldwide.

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Take complete control of your customer data. Identify risk. Uncover opportunity. See the full picture.

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Financial Services

Maintain the most accurate information about your customers to stay ahead of the competition, minimize risk, and meet increasing regulatory requirements.

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Achieve accurate and complete enterprise data to develop insightful broker and customer analytics, product offering strategies, and targeted marketing programs.

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See the total picture across your patient, payor, provider, and payment data. Navigate the complex structure of today’s healthcare system with comprehensive and accurate data.

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Use customer data more effectively to offer a better customer experience, cross-sell services, and improve operational efficiency.

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Enhance guest satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and meet regulatory requirements through automated onboarding and accurate data.

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Enhance your targeting with more personalized offers, and ensure all departments have timely and accurate data across all channels.


Meet your donation goals and ensure efficient and safe operations through accurate data and effective compliance screening.

Your business decisions depend on accurate data.

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