Enlighten Transform

Transform your data for migration and integration

Enlighten Transform is a fast, simple way to prepare your data for migration and integration by mapping and converting data from the source format into the required destination format.

Execute perfect integrations and migrations

Create a sequence of mapping and transformation tasks and execute dry runs to ensure a perfect integration or migration execution.

Easy to use

Install Enlighten Transform on your local machine in minutes and use functions and rules to transform data to the desired format – no coding required.

Truly scalable

Rapid and scalable transformation across multiple applications for large volume, low latency and verifiable consistency to meet your operational requirements.

Robust technology

Deliver even the most complex and data-intensive projects reliably and with stability using Enlighten Transform.

Get ready fast

Successful integrations and migrations require a high-performance solution designed to execute fast, scalable, mappings and conversions.

Set up workspace

Connect the source tables that you want to transform and map. Then create the target tables with the relevant fields and data type.

Map and convert data

For each field, map and transform the source data to meet the destination requirements using our intuitive functions, logical rules, and field maps.

Execute scripts on PowerShell

Use Enlighten Transform to generate a script of all transformation and mapping tasks. You can then use PowerShell to execute the script in your testing and production environments.

The right tools for the job

Preparation is essential for successful integration and migration projects. Our tools help make that preparation as fast, simple, and accurate as possible. Get in touch to talk about your transformation project today.

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