Data standardization

Automated, accurate data standardization

Turn inconsistent data into a powerful business asset. Identify, parse, and standardize your data elements.

Data standardization simplified

Our data standardization tools get rid of inconsistencies and set clear rules for how data should appear in your database. We take data from multiple sources and transform it into a consistent, usable, common format.

Optimize processes

We’ll help you streamline your workflows, save time, and serve clients more efficiently with standardized data.

Break down silos

Working with consistent data view allows teams to collaborate better and review and test data in a reliable way.

Improve interoperability

Standardized data enables you to effectively integrate disparate systems and applications.

Data standardization products

Prepare your data with best-of-breed data quality tools. First, profile your data to find inconsistencies, and then use our data cleansing tool to parse and standardize your data to your requirements.

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Uncover relationships and discrepancies.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Clean your data with precision.

Check out Enlighten Cleanse

Take full advantage of data standardization

Inconsistent data doesn’t have to be a given

We don’t believe that you should have to accept inconsistent data. It’s time for organizations to stop having to deal with manual input errors, inconsistent data entry, different data models, and poor data governance practices. Standardizing your data streamlines your operations, makes analyzing multi-source information simple and reduces friction between applications. Our set of data quality tools offer the fastest and most accurate way to do it.

Creating real business benefits

Data inconsistency is impacting your profitability

Data inconsistency results in lost revenue opportunities, operational inefficiencies and higher costs. Repetitive manual cleansing tasks take up too much time and internal resource, and are often frustrating. Ensuring that your data is consistent and reliable helps you make better use of your time and provides decision makers with better insights.

Let’s fix it together

When data is not standardized, it creates data silos. This makes it harder to improve processes, make informed decisions and share information between teams. Our range of data quality solutions help our clients keep all of their data to the same standard. Our in-house experts will work alongside you to implement a solution tailored to your requirements and workflows.

Let’s establish a new standard

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