Data quality for crm

Build stronger relationships with complete and accurate customer records

Provide sales, marketing, and customer service with the information and insights they need to attract and retain more customers and grow your business.  

A comprehensive solution for CRM data quality

CRM systems quickly become a dumping ground for data from all departments, full of errors, duplicates, and misplaced or missing information that waste time and reduce the accuracy of reports and dashboards. Enlighten keeps CRM systems performing at their best so that all users benefit.  

Improve performance

Make smarter business decisions and reduce resources with clean, accurate, and complete data.

Strengthen relationships

Better understand and connect with customers through personal communications that build lasting relationships.

Drive revenue

Empower marketing, sales, and customer service to attract and retain more customers and capture additional revenue.

Data quality products

Enlighten is a suite of powerful tools designed to work together to clean and enhance data in your CRM system in real time at data entry, during migration, or through ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Analyze and report

Understand the state of your data sources to identify potential issues prior to migration or cleansing.

See Enlighten Profiler

Clean and standardize

Cleanse, standardize, and validate your data across every source for higher-quality matching.

Check out Enlighten Cleanse

Remove duplicates

Identify and resolve duplicate information with the most powerful technology available. 

Discover Enlighten Match

Validate addresses

Complete and validate addresses and add rooftop-precise geolocation coordinates.  

Explore PostLocate

Benefits of improving CRM data quality

Create a “golden record”

Eliminating duplicates, removing errors, and adding missing elements improves data quality and provides CRM system users with complete, accurate contact records so they can always connect with your customers. 

Trust your insights

A true accounting of customers and their history means you can rely on the reports and dashboards your CRM system provides to make sound business decisions.

Reduce frustrations

No one likes wasting time searching for contacts or manually keying in customer details. Automating data quality improvements enhances productivity, increasing adoption rates and trust in your CRM.

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