Enlighten profiler

The easiest way to get a true picture of the state of your data

Enlighten Profiler lets you analyze data sets and generate statistics summaries with a click – then identify and correct data anomalies.

Get a crystal-clear view of all your data

Enlighten Profiler helps eliminate risks by providing a complete, accurate, and easy-to-understand view of your data, regardless of the number of sources.


Set up in minutes, select a data file, run the profiler, and get your statistics report in seconds – no coding required.


Find key details and statistics quickly with an intuitive dashboard you can switch between grid and chart views.


Save time and prevent errors by transforming and correcting data anomalies directly in the profiler, and export changes to a file.

Two steps to data enlightenment

Quickly assess how complete, unique, and valid your data set is. Drill down into the details to see what causes anomalies or errors.

Identify and correct data anomalies

Enlighten Profiler’s built-in transformation capability minimizes risk and enhances efficiency. You can edit any field in bulk without leaving the profiler and export your changes to your applications.

Analyze relationships between data sources

Discover relationships and dependencies between records across different systems. Measure data overlap between your sources.

We’re ready to go

Enlighten Profiler is your first step in correcting your data.

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