Enlighten Match

Build a single view of your customers

Enlighten Match quickly and accurately compares customer records – and empowers better decisions.

See exactly who your customers are

Remove duplicates and group customers by household, or screen their names against high risk lists with automated record matching. You can also update databases with periodic activity, add supplementary data such as corporate or demographic data, integrate external data into an existing database, and compare databases against a prospect or targeted mailing list.

Accurate matching

Compare records and generate a matching pattern for pairs that is easily interpretable by both humans and machines.


Set your own matching criteria and level of fuzziness to identify matches in line with your  specific needs and use cases.

More effective reviews

Automatically link pairs or trigger manual reviews based on matching patterns. Clear reviews quickly with transparency as to why records came together.

The smart way to match records

Before starting the matching process, it’s important to cleanse and standardize your name and address information. Without this step, you are limiting the quality of matches.

Set your matching criteria

Select the customer data fields to match. We offer standard matching algorithms for each industry or you can take total control and adjust the level of fuzziness and matching options for each of the data fields involved.

Compare records

Compare each record in the data file to all other records in the target data set field-by-field and generate a matching pattern that is easily reviewable.

Review pairs

Streamline your review process by setting up rules to automatically accept or reject matches or trigger manual reviews based on the matching patterns identified.

Export the resolution file

Create an output file of your choice that supports your business needs:

  • Parent entity and parent-child relationships
  • Child-child relationships
  • Merge and purge
  • Update a database with external data

The Enlighten Match API

The Enlighten real-time matching API is easy to integrate with your systems. Developers can use our documentation to start cleaning up your data quickly.

We’re ready to go

Accurate matching saves you time and money, but it also means you have a clearer view of your customers. That can be invaluable when it comes to decision making. Talk to one our expert about your data quality challenges today.

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