Data enrichment

Enrich your customer data and supercharge your insights

Maximize the value of your data with social, geographic, demographic and consumer information.

Let’s take your data up a level

Data enrichment enhances your data with relevant additional information to deliver more targeted insights. With more complete and accurate information you can create more effective marketing campaigns, drive conversion rates and illuminate potential risks.

Advanced customer insights

Utilize additional information to create advanced, actionable insights. Having a more precise picture of your customers allows you to customize your offering and messaging more effectively.

Better customer segmentation

Identify and segment customers by age, gender, marital status, income, and other characteristics to deliver more tailored messages, facilitate better customer segmentation, increase conversion rates, and drive profitability.

Enhanced risk visibility

Enrich your customer data with third-party demographic, sociographic, or social data to identify early warning signs that can help you reduce risk and avoid reputational damage for your organization.

Data enrichment products

Prepare your data for enrichment with our best-of-breed data quality tools. Start by profiling your data to find inconsistencies and duplicates in your applications. Then, use the data cleansing tool to cleanse and transform data to a single standard. Finally, match and link records for enrichment with our data matching tool.

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Analyze and understand the state of your data.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Standardize your data with precision.

Check out Enlighten Cleanse

Data matching

Identify and link duplicate customer and company records even if there are misspellings, character transpositions, and missing entries.

Discover Enlighten Match

Cognitive Matching Algorithm

Traditional matching algorithms still generate a lot of errors that require review. To optimize the matching process, you need an algorithm that returns results with additional information to help you accept or reject a match quickly.

We’ve built a new generation of matching algorithms that return match patterns to give you more context and make results easier to interpret for both humans and machines. You get more accurate matches without needing to dedicate time to reviewing partial matches.

Take full advantage of data enrichment

Is your data doing as much as it could?

The data you have on your customers is most likely limited to the information necessary to collect at onboarding. As time passes, much of this information might be outdated. Maintaining and enriching your customer data with external demographic and geographic information allows you to derive more value from it. You’ll improve your customer service and your decision making too.

Expand fast and beyond

Data enrichment can also enable you to grow your geographic reach and customer base. We’ll help you identify new customers, target specific geographies, automate taxes at checkout, calculate insurance premiums based on latitude and longitude, and much more.

Data Quality Solutions

Maximizing your data capabilities

Working alongside your teams, we’ll prepare your data for enrichment and correct any anomalies that could compromise the process. We’ll also help you find the best external data sources to support your business and automate the process of keeping your data updated.

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