Data deduplication

Identify, remove and prevent duplicates

Get a single view of your customers across all your applications and databases.

More than just deduplication

Our data quality tools not only remove existing duplicates from your applications, but prevent them from happening too. After cleansing your data to improve matching accuracy, our advanced algorithms will find similar records based on rules you set.

Optimized operations

We want to make sure you don’t waste time, resources, and marketing spend. Clean, deduplicated data reduces user frustration, boosts adoption and ensures that your data is providing as much value as possible.

Enhanced customer service

We’ll help you streamline customer onboarding and KYC requirements by by finding existing records for your customers instead of introducing duplicates into the system. With less duplication, you get a clearer picture of your customers, including consolidated transaction and product ownership histories.

Better BI and analytics

More accurate data means more accurate insights and more informed decisions. Our solutions give you a more realistic view of your customer base and enable better pricing, cross-selling and planning.

Data deduplication products

Deduplicate your data with our best-of-breed data quality tools. Start by profiling your data to find duplicates in your applications, and then use the data cleansing tool to cleanse and transform data to a single standards. Finally, run the data matching tool to identify and remove duplicates.

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Uncover relationships and discrepancies.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Clean your data with precision.

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Data matching

Identify and remove duplicates in your applications. Establish links between individuals and organizations.

Discover Enlighten Match

Cognitive matching technology

Traditional matching algorithms still generate a lot of errors that require review. To optimize the matching process, you need an algorithm that returns results with additional information to help you accept or reject a match quickly.

We’ve built a new generation of matching algorithms that return match patterns to give you more context and make results easier to interpret for both humans and machines. You get more accurate matches without needing to dedicate time to reviewing partial matches.

Take full advantage of data deduplication

Setting the record straight

Whether the result of manual input errors, inconsistent data entry practices across systems, a lack of validation rules or operating product-centric instead of customer-centric databases, data duplication can have a real impact on your revenue. Some level of duplication may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean the negative effects have to be.

Better visibility, better decisions

Not being able to effectively identify and remove duplicates creates customer service problems such as not being able to see accurate order or case histories. It also leads to operational inefficiencies as your administrative team struggles to find the right records to update. This results in lower adoption rates, wasted marketing spend, inaccurate reporting and frustrated teams.

Let’s get proactive about duplication

Duplicates don’t have to happen. You can prevent the negative effects on your operations as well as the resource-intensive process typically needed to identify and remove them by not letting them into your system in the first place. Our tools are all about saving you time, money and stress.

Deal with your duplicates today

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