Enlighten Cleanse

Data cleansing that won’t slow you down

Enlighten Cleanse accurately cleanses and standardizes your data in minutes – with no coding required. Alternatively, you can use our API to automate the whole process.

Cleaner data for enriched insights

Your data is likely stored across different platforms, applications, and databases in a variety of formats. It may also be full of inconsistences, duplicates, and anomalies, making the task of matching records across sources or having a complete view of your customer challenging. That’s where our market-leading data cleansing technology comes in.


Automate your cleansing process, no matter the volume of records, with Enlighten Cleanse via API or batch.


Upload and process a file in minutes with Enlighten Cleanse batch processing – without the need for any coding.


Standardize your data to your desired country, industry, or other specificities with our proprietary knowledgebases.

The fastest way to get accurate, consistent data across your organization

It only takes four steps to remove uncertainty around your data.


Connect your source application and export data to our platform for processing in real-time or batch.


Use our proprietary knowledgebases of millions of words and phrases to identify and correct data elements.


Convert your data into a common format. Set rules for abbreviations such as turning “St” and “Rd” to “Street” and “Road”, or address numbers such as “5th” to “Fifth”.


Apply and tailor Enlighten Cleanse to all your platforms and schedule ongoing cleansing processes to keep data consistent across your entire organization.

The Enlighten Cleanse API

Enlighten Cleanse’s API offers programmatic cleansing and clear documentation to make it easy to automate your cleansing workflows.

Don’t let inconsistent data hold you back

Enlighten Cleanse has helped companies around the world get better insights from their data. It can help you too.

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