Address validation & geocoding

Reach your customers with confidence

Boost your data with up to date, standardized addresses and accurate location coordinates.

Address validation and geocoding made easy

Our process starts by understanding your address elements before converting addresses into a standard format. Next, we check them against official postal data sources to make sure each address is an active delivery point. Then we enrich the addresses with location-based data. We can customize our solutions for your needs to make sure you get the most value.

Streamlined customer onboarding

Reduce manual data entry errors and verify addresses automatically during onboarding to make sure every new relationship starts in the right way.

Increased reach

Automate the process of updating customers’ addresses when they move to ensure you always maintain the highest communication standards, delivery speed, and accuracy.

Lower costs

Verify customer addresses and remove duplicates to reduce wasted marketing spend and the costs related to undelivered communications.

Address validation and geocoding products

Validate addresses and add latitude and longitude data with our best-of-breed data quality tools. Start by profiling your addresses to find anomalies, and then use the data cleansing tool to cleanse and standardize addresses. Finally, validate the addresses against official postal sources.

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Uncover relationships and discrepancies.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Clean your data with precision.

Check out Enlighten Cleanse


Validate and standardize addresses. Assign rooftop-level latitude and longitude.

Discover PostLocate

USPS CASS-certified

PostLocate is an all-in-one, CASS-certified solution that helps companies standardize and validate addresses against postal and geospatial data sources with maximum efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

The CASS certification process is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of postal codes, i.e., Five-Digit ZIP Code, ZIP + 4, delivery point codes (DPC), and carrier route codes that appear on mailpieces.

PostLocate’s CASS-certified software helps software developers, mailers, and service bureaus improve the quality of their address data or qualify for additional bulk mailing postal discounts.

How you benefit from address validation and geocoding

Helping you stay in touch

Maintaining accurate address data has traditionally been a challenge for businesses. Data often becomes out of date as people and organizations move, and users input address data into your systems in different ways. Automating the validation process saves you time, and enriching the data helps make sure you always meet your customers where they are.

Better visibility, better decisions

If you don’t have confidence in your address data, you’ll always be uncertain about the effectiveness of your communications, campaigns, and location-related activities. Our solution doesn’t just check and verify your address data – it enriches your addresses with location-based data. We can also validate addresses in over 240 countries to help you grow globally.

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