An efficient way to verify addresses

PostLocate validates and standardizes US and global addresses to make sure you reach your customers every time.

Stay in touch with your customers

Whether onboarding, cross-selling, or servicing your customers, accurate and complete address information is critical. PostLocate helps you create more targeted marketing campaigns, reduce mailing costs, and improve customer communications.

Improve address data

Improve address data by adding missing information and correcting inaccurate postal data.

Strengthen deliverability

Validate customer addresses for better deliverability. Gain postal discounts in the US using our CASS-certified software.

Enrich with geocoding

Add latitude, longitude, and other geographic data to increase the accuracy of your location-based initiatives.

It’s never been simpler to validate address data

Start every relationship the right way by verifying a new customer’s address.

Validate and correct addresses

With PostLocate batch address validation, you can check addresses against postal databases in seconds. This means you can identify and resolve data entry errors, non-standard abbreviations, and missing or incorrect address attributes right away.

Enrich addresses with geocoding

Optional geocoding adds rooftop-precise latitude and longitude coordinates to an address record. You can then supplement your customer records with a wide variety of geographic, census, and demographic data.

Keep addresses up-to-date

We’ll help ensure that you have the most current information for your US customers by processing their addresses against the United States Postal Service (USPS) National Change of Address (NCOA) database. You will receive updated address data of any individual or organization that has moved and can then incorporate the updates into your database.

Capture valid addresses at onboarding

Real-time address validation ensures that only valid addresses are entered in your system. Clerical errors, misspellings, and incomplete information are flagged and corrected on the spot.

The PostLocate API

PostLocate’s API for real-time address validation and detailed documentation automate your address validation process.

Global coverage

Anywhere your customers are

We will process your data against postal union databases from more than 240 countries and territories, including USPS (CASS Certified), Canada Post (SERP Certified), Mexican Post (SEPOMEX), and UK Post. PostLocate also offers optional worldwide geocoding with precise rooftop level accuracy. We can help you access a world of opportunity. PostLocate is CASS certified by the USPS in the US, and offers:

  • Verification of US addresses against the official USPS address database
  • ZIP5 and ZIP+4™
  • Carrier route sorting
  • DPV® (Delivery Point Validation) or DSF2® (Delivery Sequence File)
  • LACSLink® (Locatable Address Convertible System)
  • SuiteLink®
  • eLOT®
  • RDI™(Residential Delivery Indicator)
  • Vanity addresses

Never miss your customers again

Better deliverability means less wasted marketing spend, more customer engagement, and higher profitability. Talk to one our team to get started today.

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