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We can help you create stronger customer relationships, optimize your operations, and make better decisions with good data.

A complete data quality suite

Data profiling

Analyze and understand the state of your data. Uncover relationships and discrepancies.

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Data cleansing

Parse and standardize inconsistent and incomplete data. Clean your data with precision.

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Data matching

Identify and remove duplicates in your applications. Establish links between individuals and organizations.

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Data transformation

Map and convert your data with ease for your migration and integration projects.

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Address validation & geocoding

Validate and standardize addresses. Assign rooftop-level latitude and longitude.

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Advanced technology for accurate results

Crowdsourced AI knowledgebases

Crowdsourced AI knowledgebases

Most data quality solution providers buy dictionaries and databases – we’ve spent over 50 years building our own. Our proprietary knowledge bases utilize billions of records processed in data quality engagements worldwide to provide the most complete set of definitions, rules, and actions necessary to analyze, cleanse, and standardize your data. They save you time and money by allowing you to cleanse your data with confidence from the start.

Cognitive matching technology

Cognitive matching technology

Traditional matching algorithms generate a lot of errors and require rounds of review. We’ve built a new generation of matching algorithms that return match patterns with additional information to give you more context and make results easier to interpret for acceptance or rejection by both humans and machines. You get more accurate results without needing to dedicate time to reviewing partial matches.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner® Recognizes Innovative Systems in 2022 Magic Quadrant™
for Data Quality Solutions

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Solutions to your data challenges

Standardizing data

Get consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data across your organization.

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Reducing duplicates

Automatically identify and remove duplicate data.

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Validating addresses

Validate your customer addresses against global postal union databases.

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Enriching data

Enhance your customer insights with third-party information.

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Migrating data

Safely transfer your customer data to new systems or applications – on time and on budget.

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Integrating data

Integrate different data sources, optimize processes and keep information up to date across your platforms.

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Take full advantage of data quality solutions

Turning data problems into opportunities

There is no escaping the fact that human error is inevitable and, left unattended, data degrades over time. But manual input errors, inconsistent entry, lack of governance, and data decay don’t have to be inevitable. In fact, our solutions can make them a thing of the past.

Creating real business benefits

Enlighten is a suite of data quality tools that allows companies to understand and control the state of their data. It identifies data errors, standardizes your data, removes duplicates, links related records, validates addresses, and enriches the data in the process. It makes your data fit for purpose to support your organization’s business initiatives.

The only data quality partner you need

Our clients value working with us because we are dedicated to helping them solve their data problems. We provide the technology as well as the implementation, so they know we are always on hand to help. We are responsive and can easily adapt our solutions to fit your workflow.

Don’t let poor data quality hold you back

Poor data quality impacts the relationships you have with customers, reduces operational efficiency, and leads to inaccurate decision-making. We want our clients to thrive in a data-driven world – and that means giving them tools that maximize the value of their data and support business growth.

Deliver on your data quality needs

Our data quality software gives you the speed and accuracy needed to take your company from where it is to where you want it to be. Talk to our expert to get started today.

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