Data migration

Migrate your data with peace of mind.

We have a long track record of executing data migration projects on time and on budget for our clients. Let us show you how worry-free migrations can be.

Deep experience, advanced software, and a proven methodology

We not only have market-leading software solutions to make sure your migration is a success first time, but our in-house experts know how to anticipate challenges and ensure the entire process is seamless. We don’t just boost our clients’ technological capacity with our solutions, we bring our expertise to their teams too.

Richer customer experiences

Migrate your customer data to the latest technology and applications for enhanced analytics, faster product cycles, and personalized offerings.

Increased operational effectiveness

Ushers in operational simplicity and alleviates the burden on your IT operations with application modernization.

Enhanced compatibility

Enable interoperability with new technologies and platforms, as well as seamlessly integrate applications to position your business to meet current and future business demands.

Data migration products

Migrate your data with advanced data quality tools. Start by profiling your data to identify potential anomalies, and then use our data transformation tool to map and transform data to fit your destination specifications.

Data profiling

Assess the state of the data at the beginning and at any time throughout the migration process.

See Enlighten Profiler

Data transform

Accurately map, cleanse, and convert your data from the source to the destination system.

Check out Enlighten Transform

Supporting migrations of all sizes

We get it right first time

In order to be successful, 100% of the data needs to be migrated correctly. Our migration methodology has been proven time after time to be accurate, efficient, and seamless, and it is why our customers trust us with this critical business initiative.

Use the latest technology

Data migrations are the key to the making sure your business is able to benefit fully from new technologies on the market. Avoiding the process can mean that companies keep using old, outdated and inefficient systems.

A safe, trusted pair of hands

As an experienced migration partner, we help your business unlock the benefits of migration without the stress, delays and additional costs. Our team and proven methodology have successfully executed thousands of complex migration projects globally, including large banks digitalizing their customer experience.

Data migration without any surprises

We can add value at every step of the migration process – from initial consultation to software setup, tuning, execution, and post-migration support. Speak to a member of our team to kickstart your project.

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