Data integration

Get a complete view of your customer data

Integrate data from different sources, optimize processes, and keep information up-to-date across your platforms. Strengthen the quality of your data with consolidated customer information.

A simple solution for data integration

Your data is likely stored across different platforms, applications and databases in a variety of formats. It may also be full of inconsistences, duplicates and anomalies, making the task of matching records across sources challenging. That’s where our market-leading matching technology comes in.

Up-to-date information

Consolidate data from all your applications to create and maintain a single source of all your customer information.

Unified data

View everything in one place for simplified analysis, better insights, and easier user consumption.

Streamlined processes

Bring all your data together to eliminate the need to go back and forth between multiple sources.

Data integration products

Integrate your data with our best-of-breed data management tools. Start by profiling your data to identify potential anomalies, then use our tools to prepare, map, and transform the data to fit your destination platform.

Analyze the data

Understand the state of your data sources to identify potential issues prior to the integration.

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Prepare the data

Cleanse, standardize and validate your data across every source for higher-quality matching.

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Integrate the data

Identify customers that exist in multiple databases and merge them during the integration.

Discover Enlighten Match

Intelligent combine

Confidently merge the best and most complete information from disparate sources to create one composite record with a single view of all of the customer’s contact information, accounts, purchases, and other relevant data .

How you benefit from data integration

Putting the pieces together

We’ll help you combine your disparate data sources to eliminate siloed, difficult to access data that is also consumed by other applications and users. Our data integration tools prepare, match, and integrate records from across the enterprise to provide businesses with a unified view of their customer data.

Implement with confidence

We aren’t just solution providers. We are implementors and problem solvers too. Our integration experts will work with you at every stage of your data integration project.

Integrated data, integrated thinking

Do you have an integration project coming up? Our integration experts are ready to set you up for success.

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