Improve marketing & sales with reliable data.

The Challenge

In today’s world, customers are more data-driven and sophisticated than ever. Consequently, marketers must continually analyze a vast array of information about their customers, target households, prospects, and influencers, and use that information to improve their marketing and sales results. However, errors and duplication in the data can make it virtually impossible to derive accurate and meaningful marketing analytics in a cost-effective manner.

Our Solution

Innovative Systems’ data management tools ensure that your marketing plans are based on an accurate, reliable, and complete picture.

Synchronos Marketing 360 enables your marketing organization to maximize their efforts and impact by making sure you are working with accurate and trusted information. The platform enables your organization to rapidly achieve and maintain a super-clean, consolidated, and accurate stream of information that feeds your marketing efforts.

The platform makes understanding complex relationships and hierarchies straightforward because it automatically captures and maintains extended relationships. Additionally, easy-to-use dashboards and reporting capabilities keep you informed so that your information can remain in a trusted state – especially important as your source data changes over time.

Our PostLocate address validation and geocoding solution ensures the accuracy of your customer address data and provides enriched customer information such as geographic, census, and demographic data to strengthen a wide variety of marketing initiatives.

To further enrich your customer and prospect profiles, you can add Innovative Systems’ Influence Value Indicators® to identify the potential strength of the influence between the connected customers.



  • Deliver personalized service and improve customer communications by creating up-to-date, consolidated customer views that can be shared across your organization

  • Strengthen cross-sell and up-sell efforts by identifying extended relationships, including customer-to-customer, customer-to-product, and customer-to-organization relationships

  • Market targeted offerings to clients based on location or demographic or psychographic data

  • Reduce costs by eliminating duplicates, validating contact information, and understanding the target audience

  • Improve your marketing analytics with reliable, complete, and accurate data

See the complete picture with accurate and trusted data.

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