Connecting Business and IT

This webinar is best for:

  • Chief Data Officers
  • Business decision makers
  • Technology professionals

The CDO’s goal is to better manage data as an asset in support of the organization’s mission. This involves bridging the gap between business and IT to make sure that the requirements of each side are addressed. Involving various departments in such process changes typically brings about varying levels of organizational fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) associated with the changes, not to mention issues such as span of control, staff/budget, and cultural differences..

This webinar focuses on one of the primary objectives of CDOs: ensuring an effective data strategy.

Things you will learn:

  • Establish bonds connecting the business with IT
  • Develop a vocabulary that helps organizational productivity
  • Provide a framework for strategy implementation required of new data initiatives

Featured speakers:

Peter Aiken

Associate Professor of Information Systems