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The Benefits of Real-Time Address Validation for Web Applications

For many businesses, being able to deliver services over the Web in real time packs more of a competitive punch than ever before. The success of travel sites such as Expedia®, Orbitz®, Priceline®, and Travelocity® shows how highly consumers value a service that can deliver the goods in the course of a brief visit to a Web site. Whether it is a utility company dealing with service outages, a financial services organization setting up new accounts, or an online retailer taking orders – all situations that depend on high-volume, quick-turnaround transactions – businesses, governments, and other institutions can realize a suite of advantages when they are able to deliver highly personalized services in real time.

Drawing prospects and customers to your site also allows you to build a database of contacts at almost no cost to you, since the site users provide their own identifying information. These days, consumers are generally confident that their information is secure with reputable businesses – a confidence easily enough assured through encryption and security software. 

What makes the delivery of better services and more convenience a win-win situation is the value of the information that prospects and customers provide about themselves to businesses. But the true value of that information depends on its accuracy. If a customer provides an address in a nonstandard format while signing up for a loyalty program – say, in a freeform text box – and that address proves to be undeliverable, the effectiveness of your loyalty program will suffer. Customers who fail to receive a benefit of some kind that they were expecting lose confidence in your business. In cases where an instant service over the Web depends on an accurate address, the transaction could fail altogether.


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