Have confidence in your merger.

The Challenge

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) offer an organization a variety of potential business benefits, including access to a larger customer base, expanded product offerings, and cost savings. However, they also present significant risks that can degrade the value of the initiative and delay the return on investment.

Risks include:

  1. Over-estimating the number of new customers and households to be acquired in the acquisition

  2. Major delays, cost overruns, or total failure of the data integration process

  3. Disruptions to customer service that can lead to dissatisfaction and customer defection

Our Solution

Innovative Systems' end-to-end data profiling, data integration, data quality, and master data management solutions can minimize risks related to M&A initiatives. They can also help get your new, combined database up and generating ROI with 99.5%+ accuracy, in one third the time and at one third the cost of alternatives.

How it works:

  1. Our Data Linking capability can quickly and accurately identify customers who are common to both organizations' databases, providing you with a realistic basis for the value of the merger or acquisition.

  2. Our proven data integration methodology and technology can de-risk the integration process by:
    • Profiling, auditing and analyzing the data prior to integration to identify any errors and anomalies within the data that may disrupt successful integration

    • Using the results of the data profiling, auditing and analysis to determine the proper mapping and transformation specifications to help ensure a successful integration the first time

    • Conducting a rapid production simulation run of the integration using all data to confirm the mapping specs are accurate and de-risk the integration process

    • Cleansing, standardizing and de-duping the data during the integration process so the new database contains only high quality, accurate, and unique records

    • Implementing data quality, master data management, and monitoring systems as part of the integration process to help ensure that the new database continues to be cleansed, standardized and de-duped as records are added, deleted and changed

  3. Our integration methodology reduces disruptions to customer service by minimizing the time customer databases are unavailable during the integration process.

  4. By populating your new database with clean, accurate, and unique customer and household records, you can effectively market to the new database and build sales and ROI sooner.

Innovative Systems not only helps you eliminate the frequent delays and risks associated with your M&A, but also creates a high quality, customer-centric database that will strengthen ongoing sales, marketing, service, risk management, and strategic decision making.

Protect your organization and minimize risk.

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